Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Avery's Strawberry Birthday Party Dress

I made a dress as a birthday gift for my little friend Avery using the Oliver + S "Birthday Party Dress" pattern. And then Avery wore the dress to Henry's birthday party!

This is the same pattern I used for Micah's ridiculous peachy striped silk dress. The pattern has pleats with folds spaced 1" apart, so it's perfect for 1" stripes, plaids or ginghams. I used a "homespun" woven cotton from JoAnn Fabrics with strawberries woven into the white squares. I will admit that I originally bought the fabric to make a dress for myself (maybe this one?), but I've decided that maybe it's just a bit too juvenile and cutesy for me. Also, I would describe this fabric as shifty, warped, and unpleasant to cut. It took longer to lay it out and cut it than it did to do everything else.

This was all about the plaid-matching. I did pretty well, except for one of the back sections. I am pleased with the way the plaid worked with the box pleats on the bodice fronts. I am not so pleased that the little strap and button doesn't line up perfectly.

The back side of this fabric has lots of very long, loosely woven threads between the strawberry motifs. I underlined each piece of the dress with white batiste to keep the long threads on the back from pulling. This pattern is well-suited to the "apply underlining right-sides-together and turn each piece before assembling" method. It's easy and gives a nice finish to the inside seams. The only tricky part is remembering to use a narrow seam allowance on all the vertical seams when underlining and when assembling the underlined pieces. I used the neckline and hem facings as instructed (regular seam allowances) to finish the top and bottom edges. I fudged the buttonhole placement on the back to match up with the squares on the fabric.

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So cute! Love it! Thanks again!