Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tetris fabric is available on Spoonflower!

I have made the Tetris fabric available throught the Spoonflower store. You can buy the Tetris fabric here.

I thought the world needed Tetris fabric. Erin's Tetris dress has brought the fabric design to many, many more people than I ever could. The response has been very enthusiastic. Thank goodness Spoonflower now offers an easy way to share it! I can share the fabric through their store and get a 10% commission on all the yardage that is printed and sold. However...

I feel a little squicky about profiting from the design, so I will be donating my proceeds to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). FIRST is a 501(c)3 charity that offers programs for kids in science and technology. And by programs, I mean robot-building competitions! And Lego competitions for little kids! And scholarships! I wish we had those programs available at my school when I was a kid. (My parents sent me to nerd camp one summer, but there were no robots or Legos involved.)

Thanks to Erin at A Dress A Day for hosting the file up to this point (and actually making a dress out of the fabric). Thanks also to MissBlackPepper at Etsy who helped me with the design.


A said...

Cool! Good job Jen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for donating to FIRST! It's a terrific organization, this is a very cool way to support it! www.usfirst.org